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Purchases & Payments

To Prepay By Credit Card, for your school portraits, enter the Access Code/Password printed in the Method of Payment box on the flyer envelope and your email address IMPORTANT: Once your order is placed, a Picture Day Camera Pass can be printed or a text sent to your mobile phone and also emailed to you with your receipt. If possible, please have your student bring their Camera Pass with them on picture day.

To Purchase Portraits after Picture Day, enter the Access Code/Password printed on the back of the Portrait or Proof Booklet and your email address.

To Order your Yearbook, enter the Access Code/Password provided on the flyer envelope you received from your school and your email address.

Access Codes/Passwords are case sensitive.

Enter Order Access Code*

Access Codes/Passwords are case sensitive

Your Email Address*

To find photos of Sports and Special Events for your school click here.

If you do not have an Access Code/Password or you do not see your school listed, please call customer service: 800-220-7667

IMPORTANT: Once your order is placed write your Order ID Number in the payment method boxes provided on the flyer envelope.

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